Hey it’s Johnny C!

Hey folks, and welcome to the “Johnny C Rocks The Planet!” project blog! Just a quick little hello to let you know that as of today, 1 August 2011, this project is officially alive.

Failure is not an option, but all possibilities are considered as this project documents my journey to make a difference in the world, starting with the dreaming, the brainstorming, defining, planning, fund raising, execution, and conclusion of the project.

What is this so-called project you ask? To travel the world and make a difference for people and the planet, such as environmental issues and human rights concerns. Some examples of the issues I will be exploring include sustainable development, corporate and government accountability, human trafficking, the global HIV epidemic, child soldiers, sex slaves, refugees, and much more.

My goal is to eventually start my own production company/NGO (non-government organization) that aims to make independent media that educates people about world issues through a fun, hip and accessible presentation, show all the individuals and other organizations’ efforts, and introduce different ways to get involved and make a difference.

In the short-term, this blog is meant to chronicle how I narrow down the focus of my ambitions to turn it into my independent summer internship for one of my graduate school professional goals. I have some support from my  friends and my department is interested, now all I need is to get it all together by getting the project defined, the proposal, and funding for the course of the three months I’ll be undertaking it.

My independent internship that I’m currently brainstorming is a project that will have me filming a current relevant global issue to raise viewer awareness; traveling across several countries in the region of Southeast Asia where the issue is prevalent, such as human trafficking in Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam; talking with individuals and organizations involved in fighting it; working with them in whatever way I can to help; then showing everyone how you can all get involved and make a difference through volunteering, educating, or donating to these organizations.

At the end of this adventure, two films will be posted on this project’s youtube channel: the first film will be my process of everything I have done to make this goal come true, the second will be the issue I’m documenting, filmed in those countries, and edited to be presented in both a fun and informative way to show the potential for what my future production company can do.

It won’t be easy doing this alone, so any support is appreciated, whether it is words of encouragement, advice, and hopefully, donations. If I can pull this off, then you can watch what I did to make it happen! If the project ends up not pulling through because of a lack of funding, then you will see where I end up ultimately interning and who I intern with.

The project won’t end just because I can’t put together a  short film for my internship in the summer of 2012, it will just end up taking a little longer than the ten months it takes between today and next June to make this project become a reality and eventually, a formal business organization.

That’s it for now, watch this blog for more updates weekly!


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