What I’m listening to this week: Rilo Kiley’s August

The project officially started in August, and one of my favorite songs is, by a bizarre coincidence, Rilo Kiley’s August. Hit the jump to check out the song and why it’s my song for this week.


The mellow and free-spirited sound of this song by Rilo Kiley reminds me of my times on the pier in the summer, looking at the stars and having some of the best evenings of my life people-watching or having great conversations with friends and random people enjoying the view of the stars over the ocean on hot summer nights.

This is the kind of sound that takes me away, and helps me relax, dream about the fun times that are always waiting for me, as long as I’m open to the spirit of adventure and simple pleasures. I especially need that escapist sentiment when I’m in an extremely competitive and difficult graduate program (which I’ve also just started on 1 August, the same day as this project). as well as the additional pressure that comes from putting together this project and letting people follow my adventures here.

So take a listen to Rilo Kiley’s song, and enjoy the sound of the month of August with me.


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