What I’m listening to: The Arcade Fire’s “No cars go”

I like to believe that we can do anything we put our minds to, our only limitations are our imaginations. Our imaginations are what allowed us to do things that before we never believed possible, from flying on airplanes to going to the moon, simply because we had that creativity and drive to make our dreams come true. Hit the jump to hear an awesome song that alludes to that and another perspective.

The Arcade Fire, arguably one of the best bands to come from Canada in the past decade, have a rather distinct sound. A mix of art rock and baroque pop, the instruments bleed together and become melodies where you don’t look for what one instrument is doing compared to the rest, but instead end up finding the harmony of sound that gives their music its unique energy.

In this particular song, “No cars go”, the simple, minimalistic lyrics are carried by the intense sound, which go with the message of how the imagination takes you everywhere, but nothing can ever get you there but your dreams. How this resonates with me is that my imagination gets me everywhere I have put my mind to, from getting off the streets and homeless into being a graduate student with a lot of ambition and passion to make a difference in the world.

Anyone who said that my dreams were unrealistic or that I could never get what I want because I’m just a dreamer, I feel pity for them, since they either have no ambition, or they feel the need to trample on other people’s dreams because of their own lack of creativity.

Was it really unrealistic to the people who dreamed of flying? Going into space? Creating the Internet? The elevator?

If someone says that just because he imagines himself flying doesn’t mean that he will fly when trying to dismiss my belief that we can do anything we put our minds to, our imaginations are the only things that limit us, then my response to anyone who has the audacity to attack someone’s dreams has no imagination or creativity. If his idea of flying is flapping his arms, that isn’t mine, and nobody is going to stop me from making my dreams come true.

This is why no cars, no trains, planes, or anything can go to that one place that is sung about in “No cars go”, because reality–or at least other people’s perception of it– constantly tries to ruin your imagination and dismiss it as dreams. I’m all about reality, actually, which is why all of my dreams so far have come true, and the only reason they come true is because I’m working to make them come true.

Rock on like I do when I wake up in the morning to this song.


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