Brainstorming: a unique perspective as a reporter?

When I was younger, I didn’t think I could go anywhere with my interest in writing, until my father gave me a few copies of the old Belgian comic, TinTin, about a young reporter who traveled the world on many adventures while looking for stories to write about. That inspired me and I constantly wished to have the perfect job as a reporter for a big company, traveling to war zones and exposing big news, meeting interesting people and making friends.

Over the weekend, I realized a lot of what I’m doing is akin to TinTin’s work, and then someone mentioned to me that being a young Asian guy and posting media about human rights, globalism, Third Culture Kids, and calling people to take action on YouTube is definitely unique. I sure don’t see other people of that description posting media with that focus, so when I get everything ready to make those posts, I have uniqueness on my side.

The same person then suggested that I could be a modern Hunter S. Thompson with my personal quirk of liking rock and the rebel attitude. Personally, I don’t agree with his character, though I do enjoy his style, so if I bring my personality into my writing, it is inadvertent because of my individual style that most people can discern from reading my blog posts on either blog.

In a sense, the gonzo style of putting the writer at the center of the events does reflect my goal of channeling the energy of a hero, a rock star, and making it more literary for people to relate to and better to imagine themselves in those circumstances. So to do something such as documenting myself from researching a topic like the Thai-Cambodian conflict over Prea Vihear Temple, recording myself saying goodbye to friends and going to the airport, arrival, thoughts about the bus ride and the people I interact with, then putting in my own comments and immediate reaction as part of my analysis to show that I can and will react naturally instead of trying to remain calm and objective. Then coming back and having a real reaction when I can actually think about what I’ve seen and then an opinion, then a call for action.

Amongst other ideas, I have my niche in the Third Culture Kid community, so creating media catering to our experience and group would be great to explore as well.

However, as much as I’m caught up with travel, I think the first priority is to secure some equipment and learn some skills to apply to the real situation. I might also try to do a project on San Diego to show that I can connect locally, adventures here and issues to be brought to other people’s attention. So that’s a new mission objective added to the list for me to take on. Let’s see what I dig up with this.


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