Possibilities: volunteer work in December

One of the biggest joys in life is the act of giving and helping, and my father could not emphasize that enough to me while he was alive. It’s a bit hard for me to imagine being a taker and never offering anything to give over the years I’ve grown up and realized how much I dislike having been a taker for most of my 27 years of life.

With the fact I’ll have a good three weeks for my winter break after my fall quarter ends this year, I think a good opportunity to make a contribution to the world and build up my experience, and hopefully film and document what I’m doing, would involve me going to volunteer in Haiti or Guatemala for a few weeks.

Here’s a couple of those links:



Just a quick though and some initial searches turned up these two for what fits into the time frame after my exam and before the end of winter break to factor in re-adjustment and jet lag. So far, so good. The next task is to look up other places, opportunities, and organizations to go with for the time frame. Then of course, to find ways to obtain funding! Show me the money, Jerry Macguire… Yep: more stuff lined up and I’m totally loving it.


3 responses to “Possibilities: volunteer work in December

  1. Lindsay Carlton

    hey, if you are looking at volunteering in Guatemala you should really check out EntreMundos (http://www.entremundos.org). I found my placement through them and have been volunteering with a young adult citizenship participation campaign (as it´s election year). EntreMundos has contacts with over 100 different organizations and can set you up something for free!

    • Thank you! I’m trying to keep my volunteering in the general vicinity of the Americas with a preference for Haiti this December, as you’ve seen in some of the recent entries too. I’m not adverse to going to places further out though. But this is a great resource, thank you very much!

  2. Nice blog,
    Really One of the biggest joys in life to do volunteer work end of the year december.I have volunteer in peru,guatamala and gyana for coming december.

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