Keeping an eye out for opportunities

A fortune from cookie I got last week that I forgot to share seems quite appropriate in lieu of some responses I’ve had and research this week. Hit the jump to read more.

After nine days, I heard back from one organization, Ministry of Aides International headed to Haiti in December. Great! The downside is, it took them NINE days to get back to me. Not so great. The good news is, I was given approval and encouragement to film and document the conditions of Haiti and their work there. Great! The bad news is, I still need to procure the equipment. Not so great.

In any case, I ran across this article on Lifehacker that made a bold statement about work: if you wouldn’t do it for free, quit your job now. Sounds about right, because after doing everything from food service to retail to operations management and call center work, nobody can pay me enough to do work that I can’t take pride in.

What work do I take pride in? Well, considering my acting background, interests in the arts and humanitarian work, it’s why I’m taking five days out of the week during an insanely hard graduate program to chronicle what I’m doing. Okay, so you might wonder why I’d rather go to impoverished places in the world amongst mosquitoes, diseases, danger, and more to do things from building houses or going to the bathroom in squat holes instead of working in a call center of flipping pizzas. Simple: these people don’t have a choice and I am exposed to people who need help rather than those who are looking for convenience in fast food and materialist release in shopping for release from the monotony of the soul-sucking consumerist life in the west.

Some people think I’m wasting too much money paying for antibiotics and other precautionary items for going to Haiti to break my back building orphanages or some other work when I could be enjoying some time at the clubs in Las Vegas picking up girls and drinking. That’s not what my life is about, and there is no fulfillment from living like a prodigal running away from problems by creating distractions. I believe in tackling problems head on so that they just don’t bother me or everyone else period.

This is great news though to hear I could be headed to Haiti, but I’m still considering other options from my research. Let’s see what I pull out next week when I post my summary of research for December volunteer opportunities.


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