A good week and weekend of research (part 2)

When you know what you want to do, the universe seems to send the opportunities your way because you’re paying attention to the messages.

Oh my goodness, prepare for another long list of links that relate to more work ahead of me. And to think I was worried that quickly I would run out of things to blog about for my Monday through Friday schedule, but apparently, this list today alone shows me I’ve got plenty to do amidst taking five classes this upcoming quarter, oh my. Let’s take a look at my findings this weekend:

As a result of my Third Culture Kid background and (ahem) position as a writer for Denizen Magazine, I tend to hang around the online networks where most TCKs frequent, from their Facebook group to their own social networking site and post rather frequently to get in touch with everyone for their opinions or advice from around the world. Considering we’ve all grown up in different cultures and continents, it’s of little surprise a number of us try to be involved in international issues of concern as much as possible, whether it’s through being diplomats or even as simple as sharing out stories.

Looking here, Emily Chong’s lined right up with pursuing a passion and making a career out of it, which is a model for what I’m doing now. She’s got herself an organization that matches professionals with nonprofits that need their expertise, Catchafire.org. One line that caught my attention was that because of her skills, if she ever needed money, she could go back to corporate work. This is why I’m in my master’s program, why I have a paralegal certification, and why I have formal voice actor training. Check out the link below to get to the article I found.


Next, Couchsurfing is now officially a B-corporation. Looks like I’ve got some research ahead of me because although I am all about being a nonprofit, if I can better achieve my aims and passions through a different business organization, I think we have another option, especially considering that it is rather difficult to get nonprofit status. Check out the two links below for a sampling of what a B-corporation is straight from Couchsurfing’s site. I’ll be writing here soon enough to give you my findings on the benefits of a B-corporation as I compare it to a nonprofit.



Here’s another opportunity that pops up from having the right RSS feed in my Firefox, which came from a recent Lifehacker article. I always wondered how to make my YouTube page awesome, and lo and behold, a simple way to do it right here. Now all I need is Photoshop.


Oh look! A simple podcast tutorial below, which came from the suggestion from a follower that I consider making podcasts. In the future I will consider it, as it is a useful skill for many groups, especially in regards to social media. For now, I’m barely left with any time to blog, vlog, tweet, and maintain my Facebook page after research.


Speaking of Facebook, it pays to know the right people and be involved with them. My cousin Jenny felt disappointed at the rampant indifference around the world when there is human trafficking, child soldiers, landmines, wars, violence against women, and much more going on. I get disappointed too, that’s why I take action to inform and be part of the change I wish to see in the world. Gandhi said that! So I posted my project there in response and told her I’m doing what I can to make a difference, and then she introduces me to a rather interesting individual, Kent, whose work on bringing awareness can be seen at his site here:


Here’s another Lifehacker article, which brings an interesting exercise: give yourself a daily challenge to do something good for yourself every day. Already thought of that: every morning, I ask myself “What am I going to do to make a difference in the world today? What am I doing to advance this project?” and every evening I ask “What did I do to make a difference today? What have I done to advance my project?” As long as the last part has some work to show, it doesn’t matter if I am not sure about what I am going to do every morning.


What did I do today? I wrote a letter and shared it to free Shane Bauer, my old college acquaintance, who is now imprisoned unfairly in Iran.


Today is also International Day of the Disappeared according to Amnesty International. If you want to say you took part in the “celebrations”, here’s your chance.


Last link here, my friend Kevin Felix Chan has now joined the ranks of other passionate people like Emily Chong mentioned earlier did! He has left his job to focus completely on his blog Best Delegate, and I’ll be posting a couple features around him and Best Delegate soon.

It is a very exciting time right now folks, because all the resources are there, whether it’s simple articles giving me information to do the simple tasks I need to get done, or knowing good people are out there pursuing their passions like I am now. My friend Joseph recently said this regarding my entrepreneurial goals:

You can’t not do well as an entrepreneur. Because being an entrepreneuer is about getting through shitty times so you can make a lot of money in the end right? The dude who monopolized oil in the 20s lost a shitload of money each year before he started making the modern equivalent of billions, so really… isn’t being an entrepreneur about not having a backup plan and seeing things through and never quitting?

You sure hit the mark, Joseph. Onward I go!


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