What I’m listening to: Joan Baez’s “Here’s to you”

Joan Baez sings a song that makes martyrs into legends. Hit the jump to see why I’ve got her famous four lines playing on repeat in my head.

Given last week’s thousands of cables being released on Wikileaks last week, I’m immediately reminded of this song by Joan Baez, which was sung in honor of the Italian anarchists, Nicola Sacco and Bart Vanzetti (whose execution anniversary was coincidentally 23 August 1927, quite recently). It’s highly probable that they were executed more for their beliefs rather than for the crime they were allegedly held responsible for, but regardless, there was an outrage that eventually led to them being commemorated in Joan’s song, which was recorded for the film about Nicola and Bart.

Joan Baez is also a remarkable woman who uses her star power to promote awareness and fight for human rights, which is another reason I can’t recommend highly enough giving her music a listen, especially this haunting melody. She co-founded the American branch of Amnesty International, assisted in an effort to take food and medicine to Cambodia with the United Nations Humanitarian Conference on Kampuchea, and wrote another song I’ll be posting in the future in response to the Chinese government for the Tiananmen Square incident of 1989.

When you’re done enjoying the song and memorizing the lyrics by heart, check out this inspiring video, my new personal favorite that other Wikileaks followers and I have been actively sharing recently.

Now if you’re feeling empowered, check out this article.



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