From trickle to flood: more research and resources

There’s no easy way for me to catch up to all that I’ve come across these past couple weeks, but I’ll eventually have to catch up to it. Check out even more links below to see my summary of findings in the past week and a half. Wow.

Right in line with the musical theme of my blog is a guy who writes an article about why music needs to get political again. That and my whole approach of the whole rock star and rebel image for the work I’m edging toward once I start creating the media in it.

This next one is right in line with this project, why I’m doing it, and the last bit there about having no personality is a good reminder of why I’m trying to put more of myself into the work I’m doing.

Al-Jazeera English then highlighted another reason why every world issue affects everyone, and unless there’s an emotional tie to it, most people don’t listen or care. Ultimately, I believe we all need to take a certain level of individual accountability to prevent these issues rather than try to find solutions long after the fact.

Lifehacker also got a good article that showed up in my RSS feed. Just what I’ll need to do to score the plane tickets this December to Haiti and to Cambodia next summer, as well as picking up the camera equipment.

Lastly, the video below from Kent Truog is 95% of what I’d like to do with the media I want to create; the only thing it’s missing is the personality behind it (namely me):

This is going to be a long weekend of reviewing all the links and posting what I’ve learned from them and applying them to the project. Did I mention I have finals next week? I’m still going to be following my regular Monday through Friday post schedule. Wish me luck.


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