Work/life balance and school/project/personal life balance

It’s finals week for my department’s prep program, and I’ve got a Quantitative Methods final tomorrow afternoon followed by a Managerial Economics final Thursday afternoon. Does this mean I’m going to have to cut down on posting this week in light of that and set a precedent for whenever I have finals? The answer is yes and no.

Let’s be realistic here: my priority is my program, because I fought tooth and claw to get into UCSD’s IR/PS program and now I’m here. It is also news that UCSD is ranked number one in Washington Monthly’s article, followed by my undergraduate alma matter, UCLA. So there’s no screwing around, especially now, when it’s critical to succeed.

In the field of international relations, having a Master’s degree is mandatory for many positions, besides higher starting salary. I need this security net for when my freelance ambitions and company are going through some rough spots, and it opens the door to new networks and opportunities too. Yes, the project is my passion, but so is this program and degree, and the credential and skills that are imparted through this program are priceless.

So this means that whenever I have mid-terms and finals during the school year, I may not have time to post more than three posts each week, including the vlog entry, if at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still strive to post, but I refuse to compromise quality and integrity with this project and with my classes.

Besides: a little time off to rest and recover is still productive if it means that I have more energy to go into this and accomplish a lot. So keep watching this space and see how I do.


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