What I’m listening to: Frou Frou’s “Breathe in”

Some days I wake up and need a good and happy, go-getter song. Today and most of this week, that song has been Frou Frou’s “Breathe in”. Imogen Heap’s voice is one part sweet and nostalgic whisper, and one part siren’s melody. Combined with the unique electronic sound of the early 2000s and lyrics that are easy to follow, and you have quite possibly a perfect album where every song is good. Some people might feel upset that there’s only one album, others might feel that it’s perfect because everything you need to hear from this experiment is on their first and only album where this single comes from.

Roughly ten years later, I still see people using Frou Frou’s music (especially this song) for their fan music videos on YouTube, I hear them in commercials, and in movie soundtracks. This is what I believe is a shining example of the power of music and art that makes it live on, winning new fans years later without being considered “oldie” or “passe”, and it brings people together.

Factor in that YouTube (assuming the RIAA doesn’t block some songs) is almost universally accessible, and it keeps these musical gems in the loop without ever sounding anachronistic.

I turn the song on the moment I step out the door. Not a moment before opening, but the moment I step out, and today was just perfect as I walked out under a clear blue sky on a hot day, and imagined that I could do the very same thing stepping out of a hostel in Bangkok, a host family’s house in Port-au-prince, and look at the sky that’s the same everywhere I travel to. The same song, the same sky, the same feeling, and the same motivation to go out and turn on my iPod as I work hard getting everything together building houses or scrubbing my own toilet, or turning up the speakers and having everyone in a car or in a room enjoy a little something from a wonderful artist. We don’t think about her British nationality, her religion, or where she came from, because when music is timeless, we think of how the song alone moves us.

More to rock out and bob my head to. Back to studying, as I’ve got my Managerial Economics final tomorrow!


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