On hiatus until next week

Hey folks, very brief update today.

Firstly, I apologize for disappearing since last Wednesday after the music update without mentioning why. I got some immunization shots right after my final exams, and I apparently caught a cold that’s been going around the city, so I’ve been out of commission and barely online aside from a couple Facebook updates and checking e-mail.

I have no immunization record from moving around a lot and a lack of health care growing up, so some shots I may have had, many I likely did not, so I am actively seeking to take care of that so I don’t become a walking epidemic and spread disease internationally. So with the shots I’ve had and my cold, I’m in bed most of the day and today is the first time I’ve really been able to walk around without a throbbing headache, but I’m still sticking at home in order to prioritize recovery.

I’ll be back next Monday, but I’ll also likely have a vlog up this Friday too. Catch you all later!


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