Back from hiatus: the importance of absence and recovery

After a little over a week from hiatus, I am back and updating you with the news here. Hit the jump to see a brief summary of what I’ve been up to since last time.

So as we know, I’ve been bombarded with orientation and class, as well as final exams the previous week, and then I went ahead and got sick with the cold going around, not helped by getting multiple immunization shots for travel. After a schedule of updating five times each week with research and vlog entries, I made the decision to cut back on updates to focus on quality rather than quantity now.

This project in of itself is a time sink with the research and the building up of skills, especially now that I have my equipment to create media. Add that I’m taking five classes this fall quarter, going to Indianapolis, Portland, and the San Diego Asian Film Festival in October alone, and it becomes difficult to put in a lot of time here when I’ve got my priorities. Not to say this isn’t a priority, but getting through the program and learning the important skills to apply to this project is part of the project too.

Also, if I’m tired and burned out, there’s no way I can commit myself fully, because then it will show in my writing, my filming, editing, and attitude. People can see boredom faster than they can see passion, and if my heart’s not into it, I need to take a step back before I get back to work. So, after a much-needed week off, here I am, but now with fewer updates to allow for more time to sink things in. Besides: I’ve still got a backlog of lists from previous updates to go through and elaborate on, so I’ll be busy here, and this period of rest is necessary to have the energy and the heart to do the job right.

Anyway, as it stands, volunteering and filming in Haiti this December is becoming less of an option since I haven’t been hearing much from the groups I’ve been in contact with, but the possibility of going to cover the famine in east Africa, either to Ethiopia or Kenya, or to scout ahead in Cambodia or Vietnam to prepare me for next summer is also under consideration. I believe it’s a good idea to keep my options open, and it doesn’t hurt that I have a little funding already.

This week, I’ll be going through more orientation and scanning through the books that just arrived in the mail: Shaking the Money Tree, Nonprofit Management 101, BBC’s Planet Earth, and Lonely Planet’s guide to volunteering. Stay tuned for updates, because even if it’s not every day, it’s every week with something to share.


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