Getting organized

At a workshop today for my program orientation, they highlighted the importance of keeping organized in order to stay on top. With that in mind, I guess I’m ahead of the game with this blog to track and organize my progress.

I’m just going to go ahead with a few bullet points here and see how I’m doing each point they emphasized during today’s talk for the career guidance orientation workshops. A little something for my fellow colleagues, a reminder for those who already know, and something for anyone stumbling across this to benefit from.

Be proactive/initiate: Already got this one down. I decided to challenge myself and go out there to learn as much as I can and apply it toward my goals, hence starting this blog for everyone to track my progress and see how I’ve organized myself.

Good oral and written communications (polite, persistent, pings): Again, got this down. I’m not going to post nonsense and informal language here unless I’m making a point in casual conversation, and this blog will only help me improve my writing skills. Furthermore, my vlog entries have evolved from me talking for a long time and reading from a script to just a rehearsal or two, or an improvised soundbite with a few cue cards to keep me on topic with less awkward pauses, “um”s, or “uh”s. Practice is the fourth p!

Maintain a positive attitude: This goes without saying–do you really want to hire someone or follow someone who has such a negative perspective? I suppose in some cases yes, but it’s the positive people we tend to listen to or gravitate toward.

Mind your manners and treat everyone with respect: Even when people test my patience by saying rude things in person or anonymously on the Internet (someone anonymously e-mailed me and called me a loser in the comments), I don’t bother responding because I know I’m not–I’m moving forward, and that itself doesn’t warrant a response, otherwise, I’m stopping my forward momentum to argue and just show I’m insecure about myself. The worst I do isn’t even to talk back and argue or slander anyone–all I do is repeat the facts of their actions and words, and only if people ask about these individuals. I’m not speaking ill, I’m just speaking the truth, and I have evidence that this is their honest behavior. Can’t get angry at me for just showing someone what someone wrote to me, said to me, or how they treated me, because karma exists and your own actions are what bring you down, not anything I add to it.

Present your best professional self: In my case, it’s my skills in writing, social media, keeping organized, film, editing, language expertise in Chinese and Japanese, my paralegal certification, and acting background. What do I bring to the table? At this point, I can say I have my own niche in that I’m a renaissance man and a creative, jovial fellow.

Why is it important to be organized and track your search? Start soon and treat your search like an additional class. There’s no way to get any more specific than this statement here. On that note, my updates will probably come 2-3 times a week now in order to stay on schedule, 2 hours spent researching and blogging it all here.

Keep to do lists: Technically this is a to-do list and an accomplishment list–go check out the top navigation bar to see what I’m doing and what I’ve done. On that note, this week’s goal is to update all of those pages!

Create target lists of employers/contacts: Facebook doesn’t cut it anymore if you’re just blindly staring at people’s faces and checking out pictures of them wishing you were having their fun. A list of what people you want to contact, how you’ve contacted them, for what you need or want, and the timeline are all important to make sure you remember them when you get a phone call in line at the grocery store. Yes, some people got their internships as late as six months later.

Remain accountable to a friend or coach: Yup, this blog itself is my portal for accountability. Everyone–friend, teacher, colleague, potential employer–can all see my work and progress here, and if I’m not making progress weekly, I’m not moving forward. Can I say I have made progress? Yes, by the simple fact I’m still here almost two months later.

Lastly, a couple of bits I learned from using social media professionally that I took from the workshop:

Twellow: A yellow page for twitter users! Gotta sign up for it, but it’s a great way to find news, internships, and follow people who are important to your goals!

This guy has a creative and unique way of showing his skills, so it’s something I’ll have to aspire to do along the lines of later: 

All in all, I have more goals and tasks to work on, which are all being accomplished as a result of this blog. Don’t believe it’s possible to be busy and successful? Check out this last link:


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