Bound for Southeast Asia, another hurdle, and how travel makes us awesome

With limited funding available right now, it’s not about the fact I can try to raise more money to head overseas to afford the documentary on top of what’s already been awarded to me, but the fact I’m trying to minimize costs and maximize the use of all that I’ve got. So a quick Google search turned up a few sites you can find below after the jump, plus some more updates with how I’m moving along now.

Aside from the usual link list below, I had a chat with a buddy to go to a hub like Hong Kong instead and take a link flight from there to Thailand, which will likely be much cheaper. It’s a bit late to take part in some points programs, but I will definitely start by January when I return, and use those points for next summer’s mission to Cambodia and Preah Vihear. For now, the focus is going to be on getting more funding from donors and sponsors in order to make sure I have enough to cover this mission.

So why am I putting this all together? Well, check out this first link then come back and read:

I’ve put together a blog here, which already shows my initiative, my research, and growing specialization in this field. This shows that I am not lying or exaggerating about the importance of my overseas volunteer work, especially since in addition to that, I am making my own documentary about it. To any employer, this is showing them I am making my skill acquisition development public information, to see how I picked it up and what I did. It also lets I and the rest of my colleagues know just how to put all our backpacking adventures into useful skills for our CV.

Funny thing is, a random guy posted an anonymous comment here calling me a loser again. I find it funny since I am moving forward and making attempts to make a difference in the world, as well as striving to better myself, while some person commits the ignoble act of insulting me anonymously. If I am a loser, I don’t know how; if my skills aren’t impressive, I’m in the process of improving them every post I make, both in video and writing. But I don’t consider myself a loser, because I am focused on moving forward instead of wasting my time insulting people anonymously.

Besides: when you travel, you realize that the people you leave behind, the people you encounter everywhere exist in brief moments of time. Am I going to remember the people who annoyed me, or the people who made me appreciate the privilege I have of living the global nomad life? Sucker bet.

Back to reading for class!


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