Preparations: immunization and being a super soldier

Shots every other week since September

Ever since September kicked in and I got my student health insurance plan in place, I’ve been going in almost every week or every other week to bring in the immunizations I need for travel. Hepatitis A and B, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, typhoid, HPV–I’ve been going to town with preparation to travel across countries with potential disease. It’s not just to protect myself, but because in an age of globalization, we’ve had SARS, swine flu, and bird flu due to people traveling everywhere. I need to make sure I don’t pick anything up and share it everywhere I go to cause another epidemic.

I do feel pretty awesome every time a needle gets stuck into my arm, believe it or not. I think of becoming a hero, a superhero, becoming more invincible with every shot. Think of Captain America, who went from being a skinny weakling to a super soldier hero, living by his ideals and defending them, all coming from a super serum that enhanced his body to peak physical prowess.

Steve Rogers before the super soldier serum


Now a hero!

I’ll be posting more updates on developing myself to peak physical prowess, but Captain America is a great model to look at. Next health update will be my workout routine for being able to carry heavy equipment and go through strenuous activities in unfamiliar environments.


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