Summer 2012 Announcement: Internship Scored!

Borobudur temple in Java!

And now the moment I’ve been waiting for: I am now officially ready to head off this summer for my internship! I got an internship with ChildFund International in Indonesia!

Considering I was the first to apply and the skills they were asking for in the requirements (being able to adapt, be flexible, and write) matched my expertise. This is why you must be not only punctual, but prioritize and apply as soon as possible.

I get to travel around Java (primarily Yogyakarta), work in schools around the rural and urban areas in early childhood development, analyze and write about it, meet with other NGO folks in Jakarta, and play with the children when not talking to their teachers, parents, or tutors.

Now here’s where I realize that having creativity is equally (if not more) important compared to knowledge: my blogging, writing, and photography skills which I mentioned in follow-up correspondence resulted in them updating the terms of reference that define my duties as an intern. Additionally, because I already planned to make some web series or film about my adventures, we decided we’re going to put those budding film making skills to use and create a presentation at the end of the internship.

A couple of lessons are learned:1)  you can negotiate if you feel you have something to offer that others might find useful; 2) you may be a lot more useful than you think, as others might find your skills and level of knowledge handy even if you find them arbitrary.

Now that the terms of reference are closely-aligned with my interests and skills, it’s time to stop playing games and start having some serious fun.

Soon I’ll be posting my Kickstarter campaign and some other alternatives to raise funds for my internship, which include travel preparation and tickets, and cost of production. Stay tuned, because it’s going to be an exciting time from take-off on 18 June to my return on 26 September.


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