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The power of love in Sri Lanka

Never underestimate the power of love. It is the one truth in the universe: love conquers all, and transcends time and space. No gun can do what love does, no master’s degree and expertise can match the small gestures of the heart with pure intent, no amount of money or possessions can equal even a drop of water to the endless ocean that is love. This is the truth that has been taught through the ages by the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Laozi, Gandhi, Krishnamurti, the Dalai Lama, John Lennon, and many, many more. Today in the northern part of Sri Lanka, ravaged by war, I have shown people just what power there is with love.
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Planet Rocking Update: Indonesia Rocked!

There isn’t really much to say about this update besides watching the video. Enjoy! 🙂

Talk is Cheap: The Law of Equal Exchange and Social Entrepreneurship Lessons

For over 100 business cards I’ve given out in Indonesia, only ONE person responds and that’s to ask a technical question for their computer. Similar to what I experience in America and the Philippines, especially in entertainment.

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The Shores of Infinite: Carl Sagan, David Bowie, and Gaining Perspective Through Humanitarian Work and Art

In eastern Indonesia, there is a small island seldom visited and rarely talked about, drowned in the popularity of Bali and Lombok, known as Sumba. Here, the white sands on a pristine beach with an endless horizon, simple life under a hot sun, and kind, welcoming locals who offer food to all travelers are what remain in my memories more than the poverty I was going to supposedly document and help alleviate for my work. It is standing under the sun on those white sands and staring at the sea that I may be on the same planet, but it’s another world, and I live in more places than one, from the industrial First World to the Third World, to the world of the arts. And then I realize, this is but one world amongst many in the universe.

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A quick Q and A with Lynn Chen

Last week, Lynn Chen, actress and author of The Actor’s Diet blog, was kind enough to take a break from her busy schedule to answer a few questions I had for a well-known personality in the Asian American, acting, and blogging communities. Check out the quick Q and A and what my initial lessons from her words of wisdom are below: Continue reading

Motivation: the opportunity cost of planning vs. dreaming

Eleanor Roosevelt said “It takes the same amount of time to plan as it does to wish and dream” and I say that when you have doubts or think you may fail, you are wasting that time you could be using to work on succeeding. Hit the jump to read a few more thoughts I have about adopting a winner’s attitude.

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