Music and the project

Music is my religion. Music is the one religion that brings people together instead of dividing people, because even if they have different tastes and preferences, we can all relate to a love song, chill out to a nice jazz piece in a lounge, or rock out to some punk music when we feel rebellious and need the energy. We even create cultures which make music a part of our identity, such as hip hop culture and rap, or the Aboriginals of Australia and their sacred songs they believe brought the universe into being and maps out their terrain. Music, whether it is popular music or sacred music, is undeniably magical in that respect.

Every person is tuned in to their own life soundtrack. Imagine the guy walking down the street with a boombox blasting his rap music, the DJ spinning at the night club, or the random guy bobbing his head to the music coming from his earphones. Now imagine how your gym workouts would be when you listen to these genres of music: gangster rap, death metal, Bach, Sesame Street songs, or Gregorian chant. How do you feel when working out?

I listen to a wide variety of music, so I can relate to a lot of people when all other options seem like they have been exhausted. Even if we don’t have any musical interests in common, it’s the process of asking them questions about what they like and why they like it, and understanding what makes it “their” music. So whenever I’m meeting people, dating someone, or looking for something to talk about, it inevitably falls to music more often than not, followed by food, then all other activities.

I’m quite partial to rock because of the image of a rock star, the independent spirit, the rebel, the charismatic personality, and the extreme individuality of many figures, such as Johnny Rotten, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, and many more. When you look at the mythological archetype of the hero, a hero is defined by his relationship to other people, and as such, his decisions and his actions reflect his role. So in a sense, I want to be a rock star hero, someone who is young, free-spirited, and appreciated by fans, because it is a symmetric relationship in which my actions win fans, and my fans help remind me of why I continue doing what I do, which is to bring some more good into this world. So in essence, I’m a hero when people decide they approve of and admire what I do, and I continue being a hero because people remind me that I’m doing the right thing, or help me find just what that “right thing” is.

Anyway, most of the music I will be posting on this blog reflect what is getting me through the week, or just conveys through its sound or its lyrics how I’m feeling–basically putting a soundtrack to my work and my life for all of you to know what energy I’ve got. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy my taste, or even recommend an artist or two for me to explore and check out.


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