Project Inspirations

This is a page of some prime inspirations, namely from new media artists and travel. See how a simple idea can be conveyed and leave you wanting to explore the world more?

This is what traveling around the world in one minute looks like.

This is what my trip from New York to Los Angeles was sort of like–the guy even has the same walk I do.

This is how you can bring people together with two simple things: dancing and music. The film marks a third way to bring others together: enjoyment of what is totally awesome. These three are also examples of some types of media I would create.

Invisible Children the film and the organization: this happened by accident, as the three filmmakers were just hanging out in Africa, and then saw the global issue of child soldiers, so they made a film and organization to screen in order to raise awareness and make a difference, which I would like to eventually do.

Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, which was more than just about eating the food, but about sampling the culture and breaking out of all the comfort zones people are accustomed to.

MTV’s Road Rules, for its mission-based episodes that had everyone having to work together to achieve a mission objective to advance. I would make mission objectives include helping others or trying a local cuisine, or going to a cultural heritage site in each place.


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