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Cambodia: Angkor, Siem Reap, Blood, and Revelations


I haven’t posted much in the project blog lately because video editing work back in Bangkok has become a black vortex devouring my time every day, including weekends, as deadlines start creeping in. Worse, I no longer had India on my agenda of mission to deploy to, so it would be another month without travel, even if the good news is, I now have extended my contract with their approval to June 19. No travel on a monthly basis makes me suffocate, but thankfully, Songkran (Thai New Year) and Khmer New Year came in, and I decided on a spontaneous trip to Cambodia for the long weekend to breathe.

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Travel hacking and destination updates

Haiti is becoming less and less tangible now with the current events going on, and helping out in East Africa may not be tangible because of ticket prices. Oh, did I mention it’s dangerous? Danger never bothered me, but money, professionalism, and certainty do all concern me. Continue reading

New influences and collaborations: Kent Truog

As I mentioned last week, staying connected even on Facebook for opportunities got me acquainted with my cousin’s friend Kent Truog, who shares the same goals as I do, with the sole exception being that I intend to put me and my personality in the work I do. Continue reading

From trickle to flood: more research and resources

There’s no easy way for me to catch up to all that I’ve come across these past couple weeks, but I’ll eventually have to catch up to it. Check out even more links below to see my summary of findings in the past week and a half. Wow. Continue reading

What I’m listening to: Joan Baez’s “Here’s to you”

Joan Baez sings a song that makes martyrs into legends. Hit the jump to see why I’ve got her famous four lines playing on repeat in my head. Continue reading

Defining process update

Exploring all options and trying to keep this as simple as possible, I’ve realized that a practical approach to take might be to intern in one country, document my progress with the organization I work with, and then cover the issue independently while traveling throughout the region on my own. Hit the jump for details and possible plans for the adventure. Continue reading