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The power of love in Sri Lanka

Never underestimate the power of love. It is the one truth in the universe: love conquers all, and transcends time and space. No gun can do what love does, no master’s degree and expertise can match the small gestures of the heart with pure intent, no amount of money or possessions can equal even a drop of water to the endless ocean that is love. This is the truth that has been taught through the ages by the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Laozi, Gandhi, Krishnamurti, the Dalai Lama, John Lennon, and many, many more. Today in the northern part of Sri Lanka, ravaged by war, I have shown people just what power there is with love.
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The Dangers of Bandwagon Activism: Kony 2012

Disclaimer: this post is not about taking sides for or against Invisible Children and their Kony 2012 campaign. This is about the dangers of bandwagon activism and making uninformed decisions when supporting causes. Continue reading

Project influences: Invisible Children

A child soldier in Southeast Asia

What happens when you have three film students from USC and UCLA going through Africa in search of fun and adventure who stumble across a global human rights issue that is so prevalent there that it can not be ignored? They get inspired to make a difference and show you how you can get involved. Hit the jump to find out more. Continue reading