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Youth in Development: Speaking and Doing


My college history professor Donald Campbell once made a bold statement: “The youth are the empire builders and the empire breakers, for they are the ones who historically started and fought revolutions or built the monuments and served in the military of empires.” It got me thinking, because in this day and age, despite protests worldwide against injustices during the Cold War, and now the New Media generation using Twitter, blogging, Facebook, and YouTube, they are a lot more vocal about issues that mean something to them, or being introduced to what is not readily familiar. Continue reading


The Dangers of Bandwagon Activism: Kony 2012

Disclaimer: this post is not about taking sides for or against Invisible Children and their Kony 2012 campaign. This is about the dangers of bandwagon activism and making uninformed decisions when supporting causes. Continue reading

Project influences: Invisible Children

A child soldier in Southeast Asia

What happens when you have three film students from USC and UCLA going through Africa in search of fun and adventure who stumble across a global human rights issue that is so prevalent there that it can not be ignored? They get inspired to make a difference and show you how you can get involved. Hit the jump to find out more. Continue reading