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Youth in Development: Speaking and Doing


My college history professor Donald Campbell once made a bold statement: “The youth are the empire builders and the empire breakers, for they are the ones who historically started and fought revolutions or built the monuments and served in the military of empires.” It got me thinking, because in this day and age, despite protests worldwide against injustices during the Cold War, and now the New Media generation using Twitter, blogging, Facebook, and YouTube, they are a lot more vocal about issues that mean something to them, or being introduced to what is not readily familiar. Continue reading


Thank you social media

Last week, an article on Lifehacker caught my attention about how to promote yourself without being sleazy. It’s an interesting piece that I thought I’d compare myself against in in terms of where my project and personal growth has been since I started in August. Continue reading

Going maverick: self-branding to avoid being labelled

Earlier this year, I attended a conference on New Media, talking about how many YouTubers, bloggers, musicians, and other folks were growing because of the opportunities presented by these free platforms for expression and promotion. Hit the jump to read more and how it’s relevant to the project. Continue reading