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Marathon of the Mind: How to Get Ahead Emotionally, Physically, and Professionally


I was once criticized by a disgruntled former colleague in grad school for my tendency to take long walks instead of sitting in class. It was a comment I ignored, but I noticed Einstein and many other intellectuals tended to eschew norms and daily routines, preferring to literally run with their thoughts and catch up with them, including how the American Constitution was written during long walks and discussions. The other month, I walked for over 52km around Bangkok on a single day, and that same week, I’ve had plenty of opportunities and inspirations, not unrelated to the post on Art of Manliness relating to the healthy benefits of walking–for your mind and soul, too. You can see more in these Lifehacker articles too.

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Bound for Southeast Asia, another hurdle, and how travel makes us awesome

With limited funding available right now, it’s not about the fact I can try to raise more money to head overseas to afford the documentary on top of what’s already been awarded to me, but the fact I’m trying to minimize costs and maximize the use of all that I’ve got. So a quick Google search turned up a few sites you can find below after the jump, plus some more updates with how I’m moving along now. Continue reading